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Neuhaus Piano Workshop
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     Unlike many of our competitors, we don't offer new pianos and are therefore not under contract to sell a monthly quota for any particular manufacturer of a line of new pianos. Most companies that sell a certain line of new pianos focus on making their quotas and may sell some used pianos that they received as trade-ins that they may dust off and go over briefly. But for these companies, used pianos are more of a side line. 

     At Neuhaus Piano Workshop, we specialize in used pianos refurbishing, restoration, and repair. This allows us to focus on making sure that everything on each used piano has been gone over thoroughly before we offer it for sale. 

     What this means to you is that each of our preowned or used pianos that we have for sale has been disassembled, inspected, and repaired as necessary with the replacement of all worn or deteriorated parts. Each used piano is then reassembled, tested, and approved to at least the tolerances of a new piano. Now that's quality and value!

     We also offer piano restoration throughout the United States as well as repair pianos and rebuild player pianos. If you have a piano that was damaged we can repair your piano and will even work with your insurance company for estimates. 

     Because we specialize in used pianos, we proudly offer you the largest selection of high quality used pianos in the Milwaukee area. Also, because we specialize in rebuilding used pianos in our store, we don't have an upscale showroom because we are always working on rebuilding the pianos we sell or the pianos we repair for our customers. Neuhaus Piano Workshop may not be fancy, but our used pianos are fabulous.

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